How to Decorate with Kilims

Eastern Anatolia is a fascinating place with its own unique geography and culture and daily life. This is the starting point of Mesopotamia, one of the earliest points of the history of mankind, and even today preserves the traces of the many civilizations that have passed through its lands.

Naga Tribal Beads and Necklaces

When we think about what kilims mean, the answer is far from obvious. While the term is used to describe what might be called a “Turkish rug,” or an “Anatolian rug,” there is so much hidden meaning within kilims and they are so unique to just one region that the word itself is almost untranslatable.

History of Ikat

From the Farsi word for needle, “suzan,” Suzani is a type of embroidered and decorative tribal textise, some of the most outstanding examples of which may be found in Central Asia.

The Original Land of Expressionism: Anatolia

Çatalhöyük is the oldest known proto-city settlement in human history. Artifacts have been discovered in this 9,000 year old site that change what we know about the history of human settlement. While it may not be as well-known or as critical as some of the other artifacts that’ve been found, for us the Anatolian kilims found are the most valuable to tell the story of both the past and the present.

The Homeland of Wandering Turkmen: Yurt

Carlo Crivelli was a famous Venetian artist of the 15th century. His career is interesting in that, despite being Venetian he is often posed as a direct contrast to that of Giovanni Bellini, one of the biggest influences on Italian and Venetian Renaissance art.

S for Suzani

Kilims in Anatolia last forever and as a result really appreciate over time, just another thing to go along with their incomparable beauty.

Eastern Anatolian Kilims

If “Lotto” seems like an usual name for kilims and Anatolian kilims , then it’s because it is. These carpets are stunning for their Arabesque motifs, and are actually what is typically referred to more appropriately as Arabesque Usak.

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