Zakatala Rug

Rugs in Anatolia, especially after the 14th century, began to experience a golden age though they’re one of the oldest crafts of history known to date back well before Christ. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Anatolia was the capital of this form of art, but in point of fact one can find stunning and totally unique rugs stretching all the way from Central Asia through to the Balkans, where every region has its own spectacular modes and designs. It could easily be considered one of the oldest forms of art in the world. Anatolia, along with the Caucasus and Iran are probably the most important regions for rug manufacturing.

• Azerbaijan Zakatala district
• Star and scorpion motifs
• Ghiordes knot
• Wool on wool
• Vegetable and chemical colors
• Mid-19th century
• Good condition

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Dimensions 160 × 232 cm